Gnine Pharmaceuticals has reached a high point with the coronavirus synopharm and is now half-cut! Is it turning into an ant grave?

Stock exchangeㆍFinancial Supervisory Serviceneeds to confirm "Plan to apply for approval of the use of Jina Pharmaceutical's Synoparm's Food and Drug Administration"!

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Gnine Pharmaceuticals has reached a high point with the coronavirus synopharm and is now half-cut! Is it turning into an ant grave?
Stock exchangeㆍFinancial Supervisory Serviceneeds to confirm "Plan to apply for approval of the use of Jina Pharmaceutical's Synoparm's Food and Drug Administration"!
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Reporter Park Cheol-seong<Director of Research Center, Columnist>


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Graph of Gnine Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. After Gina Pharmaceutical's 52-week report was updated with the "Corona 19 vaccine" synopamul, stock prices are now halved.


Will it be possible for Gina In Pharmaceutical, which has been transformed into a deficit company, Coren?


"We have secured exclusive rights to domestic production and domestic and international sales of the "Corona 19 vaccine" synopharm," Gnine Pharmaceutical said to the media recently.


So Gnine Pharmaceutical's share price hit a new 52-week high.


About a month has passed since then. The current stock price is halved. If you caught a topknot, you'd lose a lot of money.


Nevertheless, Gnine In Pharmaceutical has no additional official announcement. It's a honeyed mute.


Maybe Gnine Pharmaceutical's stock price will continue to plummet and dig a tunnel. Investors' pet peeves are burning amid coronavirus fears.


Is Mediporum a bio company or a KOSDAQ hunter?


Gnine In Pharmaceutical's stake structure attracts attention.


Mediporum acquired Coren, an optical lens company that has been in the operating deficit for three years, and changed its name to Gnine Pharmaceutical.

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Financial statements


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Equity analysis


Medi Forum (Chairman Kim Chan-kyu) issued 13.8 billion won in capital increase and 33.7 billion won in convertible bonds for about six months from the end of 2018 to May 2019. It raised a total of 47.5 billion won. It was an unusual amount of funding for companies listed on KOTC (over-the-counter shares). That you printed money out of a dead horse.


With the funds, Medi Forum acquired KOSDAQ-listed Citri (Medi Forum Pharmaceutical Current HLB Pharmaceutical) and unlisted iWorld Pharmaceutical. I spent 27.7 billion won on this.


After acquiring Citri, Mediporum changed Citri's mission to Mediporum Pharmaceuticals.


Since then, the dispute over the management rights of Medi Forum Pharmaceutical Co. has intensified due to the conflict between Chairman Kim Chan-kyu of Medi Forum and Kim Se-jong of Medi Forum Pharmaceutical Co. Eventually, HLB Group ended with the acquisition of Medi Forum Pharmaceutical's management rights.


It is not awkward for Mediporem, which is listed on KOTC, to attract 47.5 billion won and take over pharmaceutical company Citri. This is because Mediporum was an appropriate investment linked to the clinical nature of dementia treatments (PM102).


As a result, after the acquisition of the KOSDAQ company, it became a simple financial investor due to a management dispute.

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Disclosure of the change of the largest shareholder in the past pharmaceuticals



This time, Mediporum acquired Coren, a company specializing in optical lenses that has had an operating deficit for three years, and changed its name to In Pharmaceutical.


And the ingredient I picked is the coronavirus "Sinopharm."


Gnine In Pharmaceutical, which was acquired by Mediporum and changed its name this time, released a press release on the 7th saying, "It plans to apply for emergency approval from China's Sinoparm Vaccine Ministry of Food and Drug Administration." He was enthusiastic about public relations and media coverage.


"Gnine Pharmaceuticals plans to apply for approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for overseas sales and domestic production of the Sinofarm vaccine as soon as possible," the press release said.


However, it is widely pointed out that the contents of the report are unclear. The contents were not "application for emergency use approval." It's not a pun, it's a plan to apply.


Isn't this forced to be created when Gina In Pharmaceutical's stock price, which was 2,635 won based on the closing price of June 15, plunged about 43% to 1,520 won on the closing price of the 2nd? Market doubts are growing.


On the 15th, reporters asked Kim Chan-kyu, chairman of Medi Forum, the owner of Gina Pharmaceutical Co., to ask questions about the progress of the "Plan to apply for emergency approval of the Sinofarm vaccine to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety." However, Chairman Kim has remained silent so far.


Experts also raised suspicions on the 7th that a promotional article of the "Plan to apply for approval for emergency use related to overseas sales and domestic production of Synoparm vaccines" might have been intended to boost stock prices. The problem becomes serious if it is false.


The exchange and the Financial Supervisory Service point out through various media on the 7th that it needs to check whether Gnine In Pharmaceuticals is applying for emergency use approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This is, of course, a protective measure for investors.


Gnine Pharmaceutical's share price closed at 1,225 won on the 27th, up more than 9 percent from the day's market news. At that point alone, investors who bought Gina Pharmaceutical's shares due to Sinofarm News may be losing about 31 percent.


The Financial Services Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service, the 3rd meeting of the "Intensive Response Group for Illegal and Unhealthy Stock Market", and the "Promotion of Comprehensive Measures to Eradicate Illegal and Unhealthy Activities" inspection!


On April 30, the Financial Services Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, and related agencies inspected the "progress status of comprehensive measures to eradicate illegal and unhealthy activities" through the third meeting of the "Intensive Countermeasures against Illegal and Unhealthy Stock Market."


At that time, the Financial Supervisory Service selected eight companies suspected of trading stocks using borrowed-name accounts after the public announcement of favorable results. Six of them asked exchanges to analyze the sale, and two companies said the FSS is conducting its own sales analysis.


He also added that the alleged fraudulent transactions mainly used foreign investment attraction, which is difficult to identify or theme related to coronavirus 19, as a stimulus material for stock prices.


It was in June last year. It was a time when the management conflict over Medi Forum Constraints was reaching its peak.


"President Kim (Kim Chan-kyu) is developing a natural dementia treatment drug and will try to approve the phase 3 clinical trial and list KOSDAQ soon, so we will work together," said Kim Se-jong, a management adviser at Medi Forum Pharmaceuticals. "Since then, he persuaded institutional investments to attract a total of 45 billion won."


He added that it was a preconditioned promise to promote IPO and phase 3 clinical trials for listing. Rather, Chairman Kim asked for help with investment.


However, he argued that "the clinical process was not carried out properly after attracting investment, and the necessary accounting preparation for IPO was also poor."


Now, Kim Chan-kyu, chairman of Medi Forum, has made a mass media play that he has secured exclusive rights to domestic production and domestic and foreign sales of the Sinofarm Coronavirus after the failure of Citri, which passed through the deficit company Coren (078650).


Capital market experts are expressing deep concern that the KOSDAQ market is trying to break the ice with the "Sinofarm Coronavirus" material.


In order to protect investors, Gina In Pharmaceutical's progress on applications for emergency use approval for Synoparm should be accurately known to the market. Before more damage is done.<continuously>


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